Important communication about Covid-19 situation

Published 25/03/2020

Important communication about Covid-19 situation

Published 25/03/2020 in
This is an important communication from ARMOR industrial Coding and Printing to all its partners regarding the Covid-19. 

As unpredictable as it is disruptive, the current health context calls on us to respond to certain of your legitimate questions and concerns.
In the face of this unprecedented situation, ARMOR has adopted a 2-pronged approach:
  1. To maximize the protection of its personnel in the workplace or when working from home.
  2. To maintain a level of production that is vital for the proper functioning of the industry.
Product traceability, especially for foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and other hospital accessories, is an integral part of an effective supply chain and ARMOR is deemed by the authorities to perform a strategic function; therefore our operations have been deemed essential and will remain exempt from any possible work stoppages.
Our production sites (France and China) and our converting operations (14 around the world) are, all of them, operational.
Our supplies will be maintained, our stocks of components, semi-finished and finished products are high, we have significant and fully available production capacity and the logistics chain is functioning correctly, both upstream and downstream.
We therefore can (and will) continue with all due professionalism and responsibility to honor your orders while complying with the nevertheless vital restrictions designed to limit the impact of this health crisis.
Beyond all such concerns, we would especially like to wish you and your loved ones the very best as you apply the precautionary measures that are indispensable to halting the spread of the virus.
We shall come through this, together.

Kind regards, 

VP sales & Marketing 
ARMOR Industrial Coding and Printing
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